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Parent Co-op

What is a parent cooperative (co-op)?

AAUW Preschool is a parent cooperative nursery school operating on the premise that parent involvement plays an integral role in a child’s early learning and future academic success. Our school is owned and operated by the enrolled families. Every parent is an active partner in the organization, operation and administration of our school ensuring its success in providing a high-quality early childhood program. Through the cooperative efforts of parents and staff working together, we will provide a nurturing, safe and engaging preschool experience for all our children to grow and learn.

Why choose a parent cooperative preschool?

The involvement parents have in their child’s school has a direct impact on a child’s academic success.

Choosing a parent cooperative preschool offers many benefits, including but not limited to:

  • Interaction with other parents who share a commitment to education.
  • Ownership in the decision-making of policies and procedures to ensure a safe, nurturing environment for learning.
  • A sense of community as parents work together with teachers as a team.
  • More affordable tuition as parents have direct involvement in the operation of the school.
  • Enrichment opportunities for parents to help their children continue to learn at home and in the world around them.

How do I earn parent participation?

Parents earn parent participation credit by working together with other parents and staff to accomplish specific tasks to maintain our facility and improve our programs.

Parents may serve on the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors is comprised mostly of parents of children currently enrolled at AAUW Preschool. These parents play an integral role in the decision-making process of AAUW Preschool. The Board is comprised of committees including Communications, Capital Development, Maintenance and Day-to-Day Operations. All parent participation is fulfilled by serving on the Board of Directors.

Parent participation credits are also be earned helping in your child’s classroom, working on building and grounds maintenance, helping with publicity efforts, coordinating fundraisers, babysitting at meetings or events, helping with clerical tasks or offering your own specific skills or talents